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Welcome to the Family

Well, we did it. Something we didn’t think we EVER do again. This is huge for us. Seriously, H-U-G-E, HUGE! What did we do? Okay, here it is:  we bought a brand new car. {Feel free to cheer loudly.}

I suppose this is a common thing for many people; exciting and fun, but by no means news worthy. For us, this is monumental. I have only bought used cars, and when I get a car it is for the long haul (pun intended).

My first car was a used 1979 Mustang. (Google it, they weren’t as cool as they sound.) I drove my little 4-cylinder, metallic bronze car–with a hood scoop–until a few months before the birth of our first child. Poking a baby into the back seat just wouldn’t be practical and by then it was fifteen years old. My dear hubby wasn’t going to chance a break-down with such precious cargo. I’ve always loved that about him.

The “baby” years were escorted in with our sea foam green Ford Tempo. We bought it in 1994 and it was small, but had four doors. The upcoming baby’s car seat fit in the back and the trunk had room for a stroller.

I had no way of knowing the little Tempo would hold up so well. We kept it until 2001. This time we moved up the Ford ladder to a 2000 Taurus. We had saved up enough money to pay cash and just happened to purchase it on my birthday. Our oldest son was in a booster seat, the youngest was still in his big car seat. The larger car gave them room to kick their feet while they rode, but they were sad to see the old car go. They eventually came around. The Taurus is still being driven to school by our oldest son. (Much to his dismay.)

We drove a Tahoe for a couple of years, it was very gently used by a family we knew well, and just sort-of dropped into our laps. It was comfy, had lots of options, and gave us our first experience with seat warmers. (Not sure how we managed without them all those years.) It has a lot of miles left in it, but with the current economy and rising fuel prices, we decided to make a change. I just hope we don’t have a lot of flooding this spring, and that next winter is as mild as the last one or we’ll be kicking ourselves.

My husband has owned at least four brand new trucks and a couple of used ones. We ordered our last truck from the dealership because he didn’t want all the bells and whistles that came with the ones on the lot. He had to tow mondo amounts of weight for work, and the used trucks we found just couldn’t cut it.

We didn’t think we’d buy new for the family vehicle, but we couldn’t find a used one for much less than new (seriously, I saw one that had 40,000+ miles on it, was two years old, and they still wanted over $20,000!!!) so we dove in with both feet. We bought a brand-spanking new Toyota Prius. Yep, a hybrid. We don’t plug it in or anything weird. It has battery that charges when you drive, and it uses the battery in conjunction with the gas motor. I love her (50-53mpg’s will do that to you).

Here she is:

I call her Penelope.


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