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The Comfort of Lists

ImageThis is the time of year I dread the most; a new year, time for new beginnings, a fresh start, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (said in my best “Yul Brynner”). It only reminds me of all the unfinished tasks from the previous year.

You see, I am a list maker.

Some lists never make it to paper or laptop. They are mere mental notes that get checked off after looking at a particular object for the gajillionth time and thinking, “I can’t look at that another day!!” like the Home Interiors mirror, circa 1992, hanging by my front door. It mocked me daily with its outdated sage, emerald, burgundy, and mauve flowers jumping off the frame and being all clashy. {Gah.} I painted it black and added a touch of bronze antiqueing and have loved it ever since.

There are lists of big jobs I really hope to accomplish but doubt I will, and small jobs that get checked off as quickly as they are added without any fanfare or notice from the other occupants of our home.

I think I have an addiction to lists. A perfect example is my new Microsoft OneNote “notebook” just for shopping lists (syncs with my phone so I always have it!!). The main sections are split into everyday shopping, church nursery, and gifts. The “pages” are divided by store (Walmart, Sam’s) and type of shopping (farm/pet, office supply, gift ideas). I know the average person would find this totally overwhelming. It brings me great comfort.

I think God must pat me on the head and laugh. All the lists in the world will not prepare me for tomorrow like a little time spent in prayer and Bible reading. I was born a list-y, so I know God understands. I know moderation is key. Oh! I could make a list of all the times God changed everything so my lists were useless. Too much?


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