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I’m new to the world of blogging, so bear with me. This is my first linky party. (Yeah me!) My friend Sharon at In a Pastime Paradise started this challenge, so we can blame her for this madness. Click on the little frog to link to her blog.


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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This year I needed a shot of tradition. It helped that my stash is filled with the basics so I didn’t need to buy a single thing. I must say I am pretty bummed that my beautiful white feather Christmas trees were infested with moths in storage last summer. As it turns out I managed without them. I’m posting this after Christmas, but pretend I did it Thanksgiving weekend when I actually put it all up, okay?

The first picture was taken in my living room, I took down the curtains and put up some floral fluff.

The second picture is one of our many collections. My boys have played with these guys since they were toddlers. Some are missing limbs, but I try to save all the parts and pieces so I can glue them back together when the mood strikes.

The fireplace needed a bit of TLC before I took the picture, but there you go. I could have Photoshopped it (I do know my way around a blur tool) but decided against it. I don’t particularly like this year’s fireplace decor, but it was red, green, and shiny so I went with it. (Remember, I didn’t buy anything new and my beautiful white feather Christmas trees were eaten. Grr-still.)

I didn’t want to spend money on new ornaments and decorations since I wasn’t particularly inspired by anything in the stores this year; or maybe I just didn’t spend much time looking this year. Either way, my dear hubby was pleased. We had lights, a tree, and decorations on all four walls in the living room. I guess I’ve been making myself crazy all these years for nothing! Who knew?

I Feel Knitty, Oh So Knitty

I have avoided my knitting projects lately because too many important things require my time. I have a white sleeveless sweater almost completed and I’d like to finish it up sometime this month.

While looking through a knitting magazine yesterday, dreaming about my next project, I stumbled upon an article about double-knitting.

Interweave Knits, Fall 2011: Digital Edition – Interweave

I have seen patterns touting the virtues before but assumed it would be too hard for me. (Have I mentioned I like to knit on the go? Very little concentration is given to whatever the object at hand happens to be.) Well not anymore!! I sat down last night after dinner/laundry/dishes and gave it a try.

My sample swatch is too loose (I used the needles that were handy and plain cotton yarns) and I knitted a white stitch when I should have knitted a green one, but I am just giddy with the possibilities.

This is side A, the other side is just the opposite; white background with green design.

Ok, Windows Live Writer

I’m sorry. You were right, I was wrong. You had the answers on your help page all along. I just had to take the time to read it.

There’s no reason to bring this up again, right?

Klutzy Much?

What should have been an absolutely lovely day quickly turned into a busy mom’s nightmare bummer moment.

Just picture it. It was the Saturday before Mother’s Day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the guys were away at practice. I had the house all to myself. I chose this beautiful day to clean up after the dogs. I swept, mopped, and bleached the floor of their favorite escape from the cold and rain.

Great progress was being made and I was thinking of all the things I would accomplish before sunset at my current rate of checking-offedness (I know, not a word, just go with it-k?). That’s when it happened. I stepped on a board. As it tilted from its half-lodged position in the threshold I heard a cr-ack. Crack? Seriously? After a test step, I determined I had dodged a potentially debilitating bullet. Woo-hoo! Wow, that could have really been bad.

I happily finished my task without too much discomfort and decided I should go inside to do some paperwork and give my foot a rest. After three hours my foot was throbbing so ferociously I couldn’t bear to hold it near the floor, much less put any weight on it. Grr.

I crawled down the stairs and grumbled all sorts of grumbly things to myself (don’t worry, all PG rated), “Why on earth was I so careless? How was I going to fix dinner for my starving family when they came in (very late and very starvy I might add)? How dumb is it to crawl around the house on my hands and knees. I was going to have carpet-burned knees at church tomorrow!” Followed by, “I should try hopping. Hopping would be much more dignified…” uh, never mind. THROBBING!

With my foot propped up on a stack of pillows, I resigned myself to spending the evening on the loveseat.  I began to consider the possibilities: 1.) Broken foot or 2.) Can you spell hypochondriac?

As it turns out, neither. I sprained the middle of my foot. Who does that? Yep, you guessed it–the resident klutz.

I’m so glad God doesn’t expect perfection. Grace is obviously not my superpower, but HIS grace is sufficient. {happy sigh}

Scheduled Maintenance

Don’t ya just hate it when those little things that should be so easy just don’t work? Curses Windows Live Writer!

Silly me, I thought it would be cool to actually see the blog theme on my computer without going “live” but is was not to be. I have dappled with WAMP in the past and it almost worked-once. Too frustrating to mess with any longer. The computer won this round, but I’ll be back!!

Spring is {almost} Here

Yippee! Warmer days are a welcome change at the Cox house. I love, love, love spring. My creative juices are really starting to flow.

I recently finished a crochet bath mat. This is a huge step for me. I consider myself more of a knitterly type of person. Sure, I’ve finished knit pieces with a quaint crochet edge, but to make an entire crochet project? Huge, trust me.

For those of you who might like take the leap with me, the pattern is simple. Using 3 strands of worsted weight cotton yarn, chain 60, single crochet every row through the back loop until your mat is just the right size. It isn’t rocket science, but I love the texture of the piece and the simple pattern. There is something therapeutic about the repetitive nature of knit and crochet, especially when you can just fly through it without using a pattern. Ahh, yarn bliss. 🙂

Busy, busy, busy

What was I thinking when I scheduled all these fun fall activities?!? The problem was, I wasn’t thinking. I scheduled the eye exams and orthodontist appointment long before the tickets for the plays were available, before the one-room school-house field trip was announced, and even before considering the practice schedules for the boys’ fall activities. 

Note to self, October is never a good time to schedule anything mundane-period.

I really need extra time for God just now. I just completed a six-week Bible study, but I’ve managed to put Him on the back burner all month. Simple arrow prayers and a quick reading of the Word just aren’t enough. I find time to pray for my friends, but what about me? God loves me too.


Have you ever noticed that you are full of ideas until you look at the new post box?  Perhaps it’s just me.  As my dishwasher hums a monotonous little hum, our family puppy whines to be held, and the movie that no one is watching screams for attention, I am anything but inspired. 

Ever have one of those days?

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